Don’t let "good" design
hold you back.

Senior-level design that knows how to connect with marketing and get that sales needle moving

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Budget with a flat monthly rate or project fee

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Get a designer that understands bottom line revenue

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Fast turn-around times and even faster communication

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Design services that understand you need to fill pipeline

How good is your design if it doesn't move the marketing needle?Get more than just another designer & budget with confidence.

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Unlimited requests

Treat Dan like you would your internal creative team. Make and prioritize as many design projects as you’d like.

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Fast delivery

Same day communication in most cases and get your design projects done one at a time in just a few days .

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Dedicated designer

You’ll work with one designer who is dedicated to your brand, as if they were on staff when you needed them.

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Fixed price

No surprises, no extra hours requested. One price each month so you know what you’re spending and can budget accordingly.

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Flexible and scalable

Hit a busy season and need more done faster, let’s scale up. Hit your slow season, pause or cancel at anytime.

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Unique and all yours

Your design is made especially for your business and is 100% yours.

How it works

It’s simple.

Book a call to see if this is a good fit

We’ll take a quick 15-30 minute video chat to answer your questions.

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Once you’re ready to go, you’ll be onboarded

We’ll schedule an onboard meeting to set your priorities, define what’s important, then get you setup with how to begin making and managing requests.

You’ll get your designs fast, in a few days. (just like a remote employee would do)

Provide feedback and requests as many revisions as you’d like until it’s perfect. When done. we’ll start on the next project.

Recent works

Astonishingly professional designs and nothing less

website design sample for online business
website design sample for small business
mascot design for iupui
website design sample for saas
saas admin dashboard ui design
social and display ad design

How much does it cost?

About 30% - 50% of what an experienced internal senior-level designer would run.

Unlimited monthly

Make as many requests as you'd like per month and get them done one at a time.


Paid monthly

Premium monthly

Make up to 25 design requests per month and get them done one at a time.


Paid monthly

Essentials monthly

Make up to 15 design requests per month and get them done one at a time.


Paid monthly

Let's just tackle ________

Let’s define a project like a website or logo redesign and go at it with a flat-rate project fee

Custom quote

Custom flat-rate project fee

Design services include...

  • Website design
  • Wordpress development*
  • Webflow development**
  • Logo design & branding
  • Decks (slide, pitch, sales, etc...)
  • Landing page design
  • Digital ad design
  • Case studies (digital & print)
  • Tradeshow booth & banners
  • Social media graphics
  • Marketing Collateral
  • SWAG promotional items
  • Apparel design
  • Brochures & sales sheets
  • & anything in between...

*this does not include custom code development, we’ll work with your existing theme, page builder, and plugins
**this does not include custom code development outside of normal HTML and CSS support

* Meetings

Design packages do not include virtual or voice meetings.  Meetings are hard to work into processes and workflows, making them near impossible to optimize. While important, to keep cost down, we do not include the ability to schedule meetings. You can imagine what an impromptu 2 hour meeting could do to a day’s calendar - We’re sure you can appreciate that.

We do make it possible to schedule meetings, but at $150 hourly rate. This way, we are both incentivized to keep meetings as efficient and productive as possible so we can both get back to work :)

The FAQs

And where you can find the “fine-print”

What’s the catch?

No catch, it’s simply a new way of running an agency that provides a mutual benefit.

The subscription model incentivizes both parties to work as fast as possible - which means you get more done, and the agency gets more done.

Billing by hour : most freelancers use this billing structure, and it’s frought with inherit disadvantages. It tends to put the client and freelancer at odds. The client never really knows what it’s going to cost until the work is done, unless a predefined range is set, which can lead to the freelancer either over-working (bad for long-term relationships) or they “simplify” the project to fit within the hours allotted, sacrificing ideation, exploration, and more...

Billing by project : most agencies use this structure, which is great, when you have a defined project. But how do you wrap up multiple project requests into a single project... and how do you effectively budget for that without negotiating quotes?

How this might work better for you than hiring an employee :  A senior-level designer easily will cost over $100k annual. They’ll need hardware, software, medical, 401k matching... and, what about the downtime you'll be paying for? You can't pause or scale-back a full-time employee just because you hit your slow season.

What counts as a request?

A request is any given single design task. Some are simple and are completed in the same day, others can be complex and take multiple days to complete.

For example: if we were redesigning a website using the monthly subscription, the website would be broken down into multiple requests such as:

Request 1: design the new look-and-feel
Request 2: design the home page
Request 3: design a master service page template
Request 4. design a master industry page template

A request can also be multiple engagements with the "same" request – ie. revisions and changes

Request 1: design the new look-and-feel
Request 2: make changes based on feedback
Request 3: make changes based on additional feedback
Request 4: design the home page
Request 5: design a new option for the home page layout
Request 6: make changes to the home page based on feedback

Is there a limit to how many request I can have?

Yes and no.

Each request will enter a queue and, based on an introductory call on your priorities, the requests will be prioritized by importance and tackled one at a time. You can load the queue with as many requests as you'd like.

Your selected plan will determine how many requests will be worked on per month.

It's pretty much how an internal design team member would operate within their bandwidth, but more experienced and affordable :)

How fast will I receive my project?

You’ll receive a notification email within 24 hours (M-F) of your request submission.

Most design request can be expected to see something within 3 business days of the request.

Follow up questions for clarity may be needed depending on the complexity or detail provided with some requests before they will begin.

What does the team look like? Who will we be working with?

You might be surprised to hear this, but Dan is a team of one.

That means you’ll be working directly with me. From time to time, I do partner with others to supplement any gaps, but you’ll always be working directly with me.

That means, I’ll know your style of work, your brand, how you like to communicate, the longer we work together, the easier it gets - much like as if I were a partner in your building – consider me as your virtual creative director or senior designer - you pick the title ;)

What if I don’t like what I get?

Then we keep working together until you are! But, forbid, if you decide this isn’t working out, then you can walk away.

No matter the plan, if you decide Dan isn’t cutting it, then walk away.  There are no long term contracts or commitments.

Last thing Dan wants to do is burn a bridge or put you in a position you regret.

If I cancel, are there any refunds?

Dan operates in good faith, so you won’t be held to any long term commitment if it’s not working out. Last thing we want is to take the money from an unhappy customer.

So there are no cancel penalties or retro payments. You can walk away at any time.

That said, there are no refunds for past months or for past invoices paid or work done.

What if we run out of requests and need more?

If you need more we can customize a monthly plan you'll be happy with.

What if we run out of tasks that we need done and don’t need you very much?

That’s okay... and not uncommon. That’s why the subscription works so well.

Marketing and design tend to have seasonal rushes - which makes hiring on staff so problematic, so when you hit a lull, simply downgrade your plan or pause the engagement entirely.

Give notice before a billing cycle and we’ll adjust your plan. Fall below plan for 3 consecutive months, we’ll voluntarily meet with you and make an adjustment.