Built for a large multi-location community focused organization

Redesigning a community bank's marketing website

Redesigning Herring Bank's website

The challenge

Herring Bank is a financially conservative community bank focused on the customer relationship.

They are not the number one or even number two community bank in the markets they serve, so the customer experience matters, more for them than others. They must make each interaction count.

The website was failing to deliver on this objective. The navigation was messy after years of additions without a core digital strategy. The action's user should take were unclear. Worse, it became dated and... out of date, making it difficult to maintain, especially for multi-department seasonal and annual objectives.

The solution

A complete overhaul of existing brand messaging, design, website, and marketing collateral.

Every asset was redesigned and written to better represent that bank's capabilities and commitment to their communities based on internal and external feedback.

Web Design & Development
Collateral Design


The bulk of the website's traffic would remain referral driven for the foreseeable future.

To make the website an immediate success, we decided to build the website to facilitate that referral traffic.

We focused on the user's intent for each dept. and service pages. We made it easy to find, clear to understand, and simple for the user to understand what they should do next.

Making it easier for the user to find what they need

We re-categorized, modified, and overhauled site content to make the overall sitemap and individual page structure simple to understand and follow for the end user.

No more than two clicks for a user to get what they need.

The first impression matters just as much online as in person

Providing immediate validation and trust is imperative.

Much like telling someone how humble you are, you can't say it yourself. It doesn't quite work.

So, we let the customers speak for the bank with reviews and testimonials. We gave the customer voice center stage.

Providing a better foundation for building a better digital future

We provided a new site structure, content hierarchy, and a simplified publishing routine – with ease, they should be able to avoid the tangled mess they found themselves with.

In addition, on the technical side, they have significantly less risk and headaches for rolling out updates.

The design

Meeting the expectations the user has for a bank they want to do business with.

If you look "wrong" then the appearance is a hurdle the prospect must overcome.

Design by itself will rarely win new business, but if done wrong, it can cost plenty of opportunities.

We turned the look-and-feel of the new website into an advocate.