Get a logo that your competitors wish they had

Look like you spent 5 figures on your logo identity at a fraction of the cost. All the stuff you need without any of the fluff.

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Dan Design isn’t the right choice for everyone

Dan Design's logo package was created to help capital strapped businesses (the 5 figure agencies aren't economical for you)  who are ready to hit that next stage of growth, but KNOW their logo will hold them back.

"I think its awesome! I vote we move to finalize.

Jeff Seibert

President of TBC mfg.

Dan is a great choice if you are...

Trying to grow with a "lacking" logo...

If you’re worried that all your customer acquisition efforts are or will fall short because of your brand presentation...

If you’ve been there, done that...

If you’ve gone the freelancer, DIY, or work-for-hire route and it’s failed to deliver, and you know you need a professional...

Why you might choose use

unlimited icon

Unlimited requests

You’ll either love your new logo or you walk away with a full refund.

fast delivery icon

Fast delivery

Get your first round of logo design options in just a few days, not weeks.

dedicated designer icon

Dedicated designer

You’ll work with one designer who is dedicated to your brand.

fixed price icon

Fixed price

Our pricing is transparent with 3 packages to choose from. No hidden fees or overages.

flexible schedule icon

Even faster communication

Never get ghosted, and never wonder what’s going on with your logo.

unique icon

Unique and all yours

Your logo is made especially for your business and is 100% yours.

So, how does it work?

You’re interested, but what happens when you decide you want to “get started”?

Step one

When you decide you want to get started

Schedule a quick 15 minute introduction call where you can ask questions and decide if you want to start your new logo with Dan.

Once you decide you want to move forward, you’ll be sent a payment link to get things started.Payment is accepted through most major credit cards and ACH

Once you’ve paid, you’ll receive an email with a link that will take you to a comprehensive questionnaire.This is the secret sauce that’ll make your logo a 5 figure logo

Once you complete the questionnaire, your logo will beginWe may request a few additional details for clarity based on your questionnaire answers.

Step two

Your logo design begins

Once your questionnaire is complete, we’ll send you a confirmation and expected delivery date (within 5 business days) for the first round of logo options.

You’ll review your design options and provide your feedback.If for some rare reason, the logo options are completely off the mark, we may request additional information and offer a complimentary second round of design options.

If after the second round of options, we’re no closer than before we started, we’ll discuss next steps and the possibility of issuing a full refund (minus processing fees).

You’ll select a logo option you’d like to revise and finalize. We’ll refine your selected option and make it perfect!If you’d like an additional round of refinement, you’ll be able to purchase each additional round as an add-on.

Step three

You get your logo

Once you approve a logo option and revision, your logo will be finalized.

You’ll receive all essential file formats within 2 business days of your approval.Web ready (rgb): .jpg, .png. svg    |    200px, 400px, 800px, 1200px
Print ready (cmyk): .pdf, .eps

You’ll own the copyright and source files for the finished logo.Unselected options and revisions are not included

Premium level design you'll love!

Get started as soon as you want!

If your logo is a problem, but you just don’t have the resources to get an agency to give you the time of day, then Dan is a great fit!

Wordmark (basic)


Don’t want an icon, don’t pay for one.

Basic logo suite

  • 3 unique logo options
  • 4 rounds of revisions
  • Source files for final concept
  • Email support
  • 30 min kickoff call
  • 30 min review call
  • Style guide

Icon + Wordmark (basic)


An icon and wordmark that can be used together or separately.

Basic logo suite

  • 3 unique logo options
  • 4 rounds of revisions
  • Source files for final concept
  • Email support
  • 30 min kickoff call
  • 30 min review call
  • Style guide

Icon + Wordmark (premium)


An icon + wordmark full logo suite with unlimited rounds of revisions.

Full logo suite

  • 3 unique logo options
  • Unlimited rounds of revisions
  • Source files for final concept
  • Email support
  • 30 min kickoff call
  • 30 min review call
  • Style guide


  • $299 - additional design option
  • $199 - additional round of revisions
  • $199 - social package
  • $499 - business card + collateral
  • $150 - meeting (per hour)
  • $299 - usage/style guide

* Meetings

Logo packages do not include virtual or voice meetings (with the exception of the premium package).  Meetings are hard to work into processes and workflows, making them near impossible to optimize. While important, to keep cost down, we do not include meetings into the price packages. You can imagine what an impromptu 2 hour meeting could do to a day’s calendar - We’re sure you can appreciate that.

We do make it possible to schedule meetings, but at $150 hourly rate. This way, we are both incentivized to keep meetings as efficient and productive as possible so we can both get back to work :)

You’re probably wondering...

The FAQs and where you can find the “fine-print”

What if I’m not happy with the last round of options and don’t want to pay to keep going?

If for some reason we can’t get you an option that you'd like to revise, then you walk-away. Request a refund, we’ll cancel your project and send the refund right away (minus processing fees)

Unlimited revisions? Really? There’s no way, there HAS to be a catch, what is it?

We’ve taken our years of experience working for small and larger brands, streamlined the process down to the essentials for new businesses and mitigated our cost so the process is as efficient as possible for us, keeping cost down for you.

Added to that, we expect to get this right and be extremely close on our first round of options.

You’ll select one of the options you’d like to make yours, submit the requested changes you’d like to see, and we’ll keep revising it until you’re happy.

But, forbid, we missed the mark on the first round, then you can request a second round – you’ll get a new set of options.

If the second round falls short again, request another.

If we’re still no closer after several rounds than before we started, then a major miscommunication has probably happened.

We’ll reach out to discuss next steps and/or the possibility of cancelling the project and issuing you a full refund. (minus processing fees)

What’s the difference between a basic logo and a full logo suite?

The basic logo includes your logo. You’ll get one layout version in full color and black & white.

The full logo suite gives you your logo. It gives you an alternate layout (if your logo is horizontal, you’ll get a stacked version and vice versa).

You’ll get a small version. Think of your logo being printed at 0.25” on a pen. A detailed logo might not hold up. The small version would be the logo you’d use in these applications.

All versions will be full color, black & white, and a reverse color option (meaning, some logos might work great on white/light background, but struggle on dark backgrounds. You’ll get an alternate color version that will work great on black/dark backgrounds.

What’s the difference between an option and a revision?

An option is one unique logo mark at the beginning of the project. You'll be given unique and different logo marks to review. One of the logo marks (options) will be selected for revisions.

A revision are tweaks made to a selected logo option. A revision is not a completely new and unique logo mark that differs greatly from a selected logo option.

How does the process work - what happens once I pay the fee?

You’ll be given a comprehensive questionnaire (it’s our secret sauce)

You’ll answer a series of targeted questions that will tell us what we need to know and let you tell us what you want us to know.

We’ll most likely follow up through email with a few more questions. You’ll reply. Then you’ll be given an expected delivery date (typically within 5 business days) for the first round of logo options that you’ll review.

How long does it take to get my logo?

Once we have your answers to all our onboarding questions, you’ll receive an expected delivery date (typically within 5 business days) for the first round of logo options that you’ll review.

New concept options will take an additional 5 days to complete.

Revisions typically take 2-3 business days.

File delivery once approval has been granted will take place within 2 business days.

If I cancel, are there any refunds?

Dan operates in good faith, so you won’t be held to any long term commitment if it’s not working out. Last thing we want is to take the money from an unhappy customer.

So there are no cancel penalties or retro payments. You can walk away at any time.

That said, there are no refunds for past invoices paid for work done that was given your previous approval and moved forward to the next stage. ie ( you approved a logo option, you approved revisions, we're at the delivery stage, and you back out )