Custom web design or use a DIY site builder for your business?

A question to start us off

How can you expect professional results if a professional is not involved?

DIY Solutions

DIY themes and site providers do have their place, but for a small business, the cheap up front price could wind up costing you a lot more in the long run.

When shopping for a DIY theme or provider you will find plenty of beautiful options.

That's to be expected.

You're looking at themes that have taken hundreds of hours to develop and polish.

You're looking at a combination of professional services such as User Experience Design, Graphic and Web Design, Copywriting, Developers, Marketing and Content Strategist all with years of experience.

Are You Up To the Task?

When you purchase a DIY site, you buy the code.

It's up to you to craft your own content strategy, design your own graphics, gather your own photos, modify the layout, the colors, match your brand needs, all while doing what you're doing now, managing your business.

While it holds a lot of promise, are you confident in your copywriting, designing and marketing capabilities to measure up?

Can you afford the time commitment? Not too mention the learning curve.

It can be incredibly frustrating figuring out how to even work some of those themes much more make it look great.

If your website is your one and only 24/7 salesman

Do you really want to spend the bare minimum? Would you go to Walmart to buy your salesmen uniforms that you'll embroider yourself? Would you buy a template sales pitch for them to use?

o, why would you send your hardest-working salesman out into the digital frontier unprepared and ill-equipped?

All that aside, would you be able to generate the same amount of revenue with your own efforts vs a seasoned web professional? How much revenue could you lose per month with a poor web strategy?

Spread that out over the course of a year.

Now, did you save or lose money?

Who should consider using a DIY solution?

If your website is your one and only 24/7 salesman

  • a new business who wants to upgrade to something more than a facebook page, but has little to no budget
  • a new business that is unsure of their business goals or even the sustainability of their business over the next year
  • hobbyist
  • site owners who expect to make less than $350k for the entire year through online efforts
  • businesses who have no expectation to grow their customer base online through their website, but just want something up and running, much like a modern-day yellow book ad

Who should consider going with a custom-built solution?

  • any business who is hitting $350k a year and has their sights on doubling, tripling... exponentially growing from there. :)

Not sure if it's worth it?

Still think a DIY solution has everything you need?

Maybe, but here's something for you to consider.

Everything you should know BEFORE redesigning your website.