Built for an SMB without a dedicated marketing dept.

Redesigning a marketing active SMB website

The challenge

Real Estate Solutions is a multi-city property management service provider.

The property management industry is dominated by several large service providers. RES’s problem, how do they communicate their superior service to their market over the glitz and glam of the big guys?

The solution

A complete overhaul of existing brand messaging, design, and website functionality.

Every asset was rebuilt to communicate the superiority and trustworthiness of RES services to nervous homeowners.

Dan took the time to actually learn about our business! Dan asked so many questions, I'm confident he would be able to work here if he wanted to! He really wanted to understand our company, our company culture, our competitive positioning and more.

Greg Weik

RealEstateSolutions | resrents.com


Together we defined the primary customers we needed to target.

We analyzed their needs and pain-points. This allowed us to understand what website solutions would be the most effective way to connect them.


Real Estate Solutions primary goal was to communicate the transparency of their service.

Their second goal was to establish trust and peace of mind for nervous homeowners that needed someone local to take care of all their needs.

This defined how the website would look, perform, and act.