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The challenge

The IUPUI Athletics Department is committed to providing a first-rate athletics experience to all student-athletes.

Dan was commissioned to redesign IUPUI’s alternate spirit marks. IUPUI was and are extremely happy with the build of their primary mark, but every alternate mark was lacking in the same professionalism IUPUI required. Dan helped IUPUI unify their suite of mascot marks.

Dan's business procedures are impeccable and has the best business practices that I have ever encountered from a variety of design firms. Dan makes it easy. I have the utmost confidence in them and on several occasions, I’ve recommended Dan’s services to many of the offices on the IUPUI campus.

Troy Brown

AVP Marketing | Indiana University

In addition to...

After completing IUPUI’s mascot redesign, Indiana University Kokomo approached Dan and commissioned a redesign of their primary spirit mark as well.

Their primary concern was two fold. They wanted to modernize their look to better fit within their university system lead by IUPUI, meanwhile retaining their independence with a strong recognizable brand of their own.

The IU Kokomo Athletics dept. was happy with the final product, and even began a rollout – before external depts. insisted on freezing the release.