Indiana University IUPUI


Mascot redesign


Dan was commissioned to redesign IUPUI’s alternate spirit marks.

IUPUI was and are extremely happy with the build of their primary mark, but every alternate mark was lacking in the same professionalism IUPUI required. Dan helped IUPUI unify their suite of mascot marks.



Additional design support and projects

We didn't stop there. Over the course of our engagement we worked on multiple different projects for campus events and college initiatives.

A few other design highlights

So, how much does good design cost?

About 30% - 50% of what an experienced internal senior-level designer would run.

Unlimited monthly

Unlimited requests

Starting at


  • Make as many requests as you'd like per month and get them done one at a time.

Essentials monthly

15 requests per month

Starting at


  • Make up to 15 design requests per month and get them done one at a time.

Have a single project in mind?

Let’s define a project like a website or logo redesign and go at it with a flat-rate project fee.
See website pricing

Design services include...

  • Website design
  • Wordpress development*
  • Webflow development**
  • Logo design & branding
  • Decks (slide, pitch, sales, etc...)
  • Landing page design
  • Digital ad design
  • Case studies (digital & print)
  • Tradeshow booth & banners
  • Social media graphics
  • Marketing Collateral
  • SWAG promotional items
  • Apparel design
  • Brochures & sales sheets
  • & anything in between...

*this does not include custom code development, we’ll work with your existing theme, page builder, and plugins
**this does not include custom code development outside of normal HTML and CSS support

* Meetings

Design packages do not include virtual or voice meetings.  Meetings are hard to work into processes and workflows, making them near impossible to optimize. While important, to keep cost down, we do not include the ability to schedule meetings. You can imagine what an impromptu 2 hour meeting could do to a day’s calendar - We’re sure you can appreciate that.

We do make it possible to schedule meetings, but at $150 hourly rate. This way, we are both incentivized to keep meetings as efficient and productive as possible so we can both get back to work :)