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Dan builds out custom packages depending on what you need and what you need  “.......”  to do for you.

Are you big with a team or small and on your own? Are you wanting to swing for the fences or take a conservative iterative approach?

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Your project will be custom packaged

Dan works with most budgets, but – here are the average ballpark price ranges

Large website redesign

Websites with dozens of pages that’s over 2 year old.

range: $20k - $45k

Small website redesign

Websites with fewer than 10 pages and under 2 years old.

range: $8k - $25k

Single page website redesign

Websites that have all content on one page/URL.

range: $6k - $15k

Logo design & brand identity package

A full logo family, brand guide, and supplemental elements.

range: $10k - $45k

Logo design

Not everyone needs or will use a brand guide or full identity suite. Just a logo.

range: $6k - $12k

Other design projects

Projects are quoted at a per project basis. Retainers can be quoted hourly.