Your website needs to convert MORE visitors into customers

Is it time for a change?

Your website won't work like it should when it's treated like an online brochure without any awareness to your prospect's intent - no matter how "pretty" it is.

First, understand your website is not for you.

To make your website convert, it needs a few things that – most websites are completely ignoring

Your website is for your customer.

They don't want to read about what awards you've won, how long you've been in business, or how great you think your business is.

They want to find a trust-worthy solution to their problem.

Dan took the time to actually learn about our business! Dan asked so many questions, I'm confident he would be able to work here if he wanted to! He really wanted to understand our company, our company culture, our competitive positioning and more.

Greg Weik

RealEstateSolutions |

Here’s how you can make your website a converting machine – your website will...


Speak to one, not a crowd


Navigate easily


Answer the question


Focus on keywords


Engage the user


Be easy to manage


Speak to one not a crowd

Your website is conducting thousands of 1:1 conversations. It's not speaking to the masses.

Your website will speak directly to your ideal customer and the specific problem you know they have.

It's a conversation, not a presentation.


Navigate easily

Your customers will know how to find what they need. Your site will make it easy for them.

It'll avoid relying on customers to hunt or be adventurous with curiosity clicks.

The navigation and call-to-actions will be reasonable and crystal clear - ie. intuitive.


Answer the visitor's questions

Too many websites put the burden of work on the user.

Your site won't do that. It'll avoid throwing the kitchen sink on every page wrapped up in sales-jargon.

Your website will answer the right questions at the right time in the right places.


Focus on keyword optimization

Whether you need to worry about organic traffic or not, you will have keyword focus for every page.

In addition to following technical SEO best practices, it lays a solid foundation for your current and future SEO building efforts.


Engage the user with better design

Your website will be designed for your customer.

The user experience will be intuitive. The look-and-feel will strengthen your trustworthiness.

You’ll match and exceed your users’ expectations, bypassing all the common early objections.


Be easy to manage

If your website isn’t easy to use, then what good is it?

Your site will be easy to use with support anytime you need it.

All you'll have to worry about is what you want to do - never the "how".

Dan's attention to detail and knowledge of the newest ways to enhance your business web design is invaluable. He is thorough, quick to respond at every stage and truly wants your website to actually help your business grow in revenue.

Dave Hoffman

Audio Architects|

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