Built for a solo-professional who has to do it all.

Creating a brand new website for a busy solo-preneur

The challenge

Audio Architects is a premium source for professional voice over talent.

The voice over industry is ruled by a few giant international agencies. Audio Architects problem, how does a smaller talent pool compete against these behemoths?

The solution

A brand new website that takes creative positioning against the weakness of the established giants.

Reduce Audio Architects talent pool to elite professionals only, saving busy talent scouts immense of amounts of time.

Dan's attention to detail and knowledge of the newest ways to enhance your business web design is invaluable. He is thorough, quick to respond at every stage and truly wants your website to actually help your business grow in revenue.

Dave Hoffmann

Audio Architects| audioarchitects.com


Together we defined the primary customers we needed to target.

We analyzed their needs and pain-points. This allowed us to understand what website solutions would be the most effective way to connect them.


Audio Architects took advantage of reducing their offering to only great talent that is super easy to find.

To get the loyalty of their target market, Audio Architects new website had to make it simple with an increcible experience for their targeted users.

This defined how the website would look, perform, and act.