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Herring Bank was stuck. Their website, social media, to... everything marketing - they needed help with it all.
They didn’t have an internal marketing team, so they came to Dan for help. Over the course of two years, here are some of the highlights from our engagement.

Starting with the website

Herring Bank’s website was stuck in the early 2000’s. It hadn’t been updated in years, and needed a serious overhaul.

The entire website was redesigned from the ground up. Every asset was re-designed, re-written, and re-thought to better engage and communicate with existing customers, referral business, and new business.

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herring bank website homepage redesignherring bank website testimonial exampleherring bank website home page mobile layoutherring bank website services pageherring bank website content layout

Re-branded collateral and assets

The website serves as the hub for all the bank’s marketing. It’s their first customer touch point. Dan redesigned all the existing collateral to match and speak with a unified brand voice.

herring bank mortgage flyer for mloherring bank mortgage flyer for mloherring bank mortgage flyer in househerring bank hemp services flyer frontherring bank hemp services flyer backherring bank special offer

Social media strategy and execution

Without an internal marketing team, the bank was struggling to have a social media presence. Dan took that over for them.

Working closely with the bank’s internal compliance team, Dan created a social media posting cadence, idealology, voice, and aesthetic. And then... executed for them, M-F across their three biggest engaging platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

herring bank social post carousel for personal banking slide 1herring bank social post carousel for personal banking slide 2herring bank social post carousel for personal banking slide 3herring bank social post carousel for personal banking slide 4

Mortgage lead generation & brand awareness campaigns

From paid social campaigns, Google Ads, to a few traditional built-in broadcast spots, Dan worked closely with the mortgage team to help build their pipeline.

Herring Bank mortgage video that moment you realizeHerring Bank mortgage video its okayHerring Bank mortgage video some people thinkHerring Bank mortgage video who said moving day
herring bank refinancing ad january version 1herring bank refinancing ad january version 2herring bank refinancing ad january version 3
Herring bank mortgage ad lifestyle with peopleHerring bank mortgage ad branded versionHerring bank mortgage ad lifestyle imagine thisHerring bank mortgage ad snapshot version

Wealth Management communication strategy

Name of the game was brand awareness for the WM team. We helped them create a weekly newsletter to engage their target audience across Linkedin and Email.

Herring Bank Wealth Management Newsletter Linkedin launchHerring Bank Wealth Management Newsletter ad localHerring Bank Wealth Management Newsletter ad issue sober reminderHerring Bank Wealth Management Newsletter ad issue inflationHerring Bank Wealth Management Newsletter website issue
Herring Bank Wealth Management video worked hardHerring Bank Wealth Management video make days count

Branch services marketing assets

The branches seem to always be the lowest man on the totem pole. We gave them the resources to market like the favorite departments.

The visually boring, but oh so critical strategic components

Nothing was done without strategizing about the goals, execution, and performance monitoring. Nothing was left to whimsy.

Integrating Live Chat

Herring Bank Live Chat Implementation
Herring Bank Live Chat strategy

Campaign strategies and implementation

Herring Bank Live ad workflow
Herring Bank Ad strategy
Herring Bank Campaign  Implementation
Herring Bank campaign strategy

Compliance workflows
Weekly standups
Performance reporting
Wiki documentation
Multi-dept marketing request support

... the gamut full of the inbetweens a full service marketing service dept. would be expected to provide for a multi-branch, multi-state, community bank

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