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For your next project, deliver a cohesive message and aesthetically compelling design that generates a positive exerience for your audience... and a positive ROI for you.

First things first...

Dan Design is a small, nimble creative agency – design, strategy, consulting

Dan Design is a quality based art and design studio that delivers unique and creative solutions for its clients nationwide.

Dan Design is owned and operated by Daniel Davidson. Daniel is an established creative director who has been commissioned by a wide range of organizations from all over, big and small.

Delivering creative solutions and high quality of work that generates positive ROI and client relationships that span years.

"I'm thrilled and grateful for all of my clients and new contacts. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals and fulfilling your design needs!"
Daniel Davidson / Owner - Creative Director

Dan makes complicated projects seem effortless. He has a unique take on the world that carries over into original, inspiring design. Dan's innovation continues to surprise and excite me. I would recommend Dan to anyone looking for bold, intelligent design.

David Esler

Art Director | Hillside Christian Church

Dan strives to make each project as hassle-free as possible – flexible workflows to match your needs


Flexible payment terms


Crystal clear contracts


Same-day communication


No more flaky designers


Flexible workflows


Consultative approach

You need “_______” to look great, but why?

Some need more leads, others need more on-site sales. Maybe you need to have a better appearance to drive investor interest.

Whatever your goal, whatever your project, the most essential step is to know “what” your project needs to accomplish.

Dan is not only a great talent but an exceptional listener. He has given life to many of my projects that I was not able to show in detail but he was able to interpret from conversations and emails. His skills and talents are exceptional.

Lance Jackson

Owner & Author | Secular Nought

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